Welcome to jhcobasydney

Jaffna Hindu College OBA New South Wales

Welcome to the website of the Jaffna Hindu College Old Boys Association of NSW, Australia (JHC OBA).

Etched in all of our minds are the distant memories that were created when we attended high school. This site has been created for both members and non-members of JHC OBA to reminisce, re-live moments from the younger years and catch up with old school friends from Jaffna Hindu College.

JHC OBA NSW proudly celebrates its 25th year of running and its membership is open to all past students, staff and well-wishers living in Australia.

The association provides an opportunity for all Jaffna Hindu Old Boys who are in New South Wales and around Australia to contact their classmates and maintain a link with Jaffna Hindu College.

Every day the JHC OBA welcomes new members and the association is continually expanding.